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The Ohio Academy of Science

Leā€™Flore, Zakiah, University of Northwestern Ohio


Academy of Science, The Ohio
Altfater, David, Ohio EPA
Amey, Katherine Springer, Kent State University
Anderson, Brad
Anderson, Elizabeth, Wyoming High School 106 Pendery Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45215
Andrikanich, Rachel E., CSU
Ardo, Oliva, Wyoming High School 106 Pendery Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45215
Arena, Haley A., University of Findlay
Atkinson, Tiffany
Ayotte, Seth A., Department of Physics and Department of Chemical Engineering, Cleveland State University
Azhikannickal, Elizabeth, Muskingum University


Ball, David W., Cleveland State University
Baranoski, Mark T., (Retired) Division of Geological Survey, Ohio Department of Natural Resources
Begley-Miller, Danielle
Bennett, Benjamin
Benz, Richard
Blackwell, Bradley F., USDA WS National Wildlife Research Center
Blackwell, Bradley F. (United States)
Blockland, Joseph Daniel
Blosser, Daniel F., Samaritan Behavioral Health, Elizabeth Place
Bloxson, Julie M., Stephen F. Austin State University
Bottomley, Michael, Statistical Consulting Center, Wright State University
Boucher, Charles, Ohio EPA

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