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Bradley, Richard A., The Ohio State University,
Bratti, Felicia, F.T. Stone Laboratory
Brett, Carlton E., Department of Geology, University of Cincinnati Cincinnati, OH
Bretz, Stacey Lowery, Miami University
Bridges, Michael Chad, Ohio Northern University
Buckingham, Bruce N., USDA WS National Wildlife Research Center
Burdine, Justin D., Bowling Green State Univeristy
Burns, Jean H., Department of Biology, Case Western Reserve University


Cady, Alan, Miami University
Capuzzi, Kelly M., Ohio Environmental Protection Agency
Carolan, Liam, Department of Mathematical Sciences, Purdue University Fort Wayne
Carroll, Patrick J., The Ohio State University
Chen, Renee, Ohio Northern University
Chou, Max, Wyoming High School 106 Pendery Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45215
Ciampaglio, Charles, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Lake Campus, Wright State University
Clark, William
Cochran, Ken, Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center, The Ohio State University
Conroy, Joseph D., Inland Fisheries Research Unit Division of Wildlife Ohio Department of Natural Resources
Counts, Patrick E., Wyoming High School 106 Pendery Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45215
Courts, Roger, Grow Inc.
Culley, Theresa M., Department of Biological Sciences, University of Cincinnati
Cumo, Christopher


Daniels, Natalie Kruse, Ohio University
Dean, Donald H., The Ohio State University

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