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Sarver, Matthew A., Midwest Biodiversity Institute
Saylor, Beverly Z., Case Western Reserve University
Schemmel, Cara, Wright State University - Lake Campus
Schiraldi, David A., Case Western Reserve University
Seamans, Thomas W.
Seamans, Thomas W., USDA WS National Wildlife Research Center (United States)
Seibert, Beth, Allen Soil and Water Conservation District
Seidel, Melissa, Bowling Green State University
Seleem, Suzanne, Central State University
Selvitella, Alessandro M., Department of Mathematical Sciences, Purdue University Fort Wayne
Sena, Madison, Wyoming High School 106 Pendery Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45215
Shell, Ryan, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Wright State University
Shilling, Crystal
Shirkey, Brendan T., Winous Point Marsh Conservancy
SHOCKLEY, DENISE, Superintendent, Gallia-Vinton Educational Service Center
Short, James B.
Simon, Thomas P., Indiana University and F.T. Stone Laboratory
Simpson, John W., Winous Point Marsh Conservancy
Simpson, K. E., Department of Biology, Niagara University, Lewiston, NY, and Department of Environmental, Earth and Ocean Sciences, University of Massachusetts, Boston,
Sirivat, Danielle, Department of Biology, Case Western Reserve University
Smethers, Justin, Department of Mathematical Sciences, Purdue University Fort Wayne
Smith, Austin, Wright State University - Lake Campus
Spear, Stephen, Department of Wildlife Ecology, The Wilds
Steffensmeier, Zachary, F.T. Stone Laboratory

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