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Tyson, Laura A.


Uhrin, Aaron, Muskingum University


Vargo, Lauren J., Antarctic Research Centre, Victoria University of Wellington


Wadia, Adil Minoo, The University of Akron Wayne College
Wanner, Nate, College of Earth and Mineral Sciences, Pennsylvania State University, and Cox-Colvin & Associates, Inc., Plain City, OH
Warfield, Ellen, F.T. Stone Laboratory
Watts, Doyle R., Wright State University
Weber, Emma, Wyoming High School 106 Pendery Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45215
Whitaker, Brian D, University of Findlay
Whitaker, Brian D., University of Findlay
WHITE, JACOB, Associate Professor of Chemistry, University of Rio Grande
Wieringa, Emily E.
Wiesenberg, Nicholas, Department of Earth Sciences, The College of Wooster
Wiles, Gregory, Department of Earth Sciences, The College of Wooster
Williams, Christopher J., Department of Earth and Environment, Franklin & Marshall College
Williams, Kathryn A., Illinois School of Professional Psychology
Williams, Meghan C.W., Bureau of Fisheries Management Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
WILSON, NATALIE, Research Associate, Ohio University
Winans, Avory, Ohio Northern University
Woodyard, Shyla, Ohio Northern University
Woytek, Michael E., The Ohio Academy of Science


Yoder, Chris O., Midwest Biodiversity Institute


Ziegler, Aaron, Seven Hills High School
Zimmerman, Brian, Museum of Biodiversity and Stream and River Ecology Lab, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH
Zimmerman, Kristin, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Wright State University

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